About RACP

The RACP trains, educates and advocates on behalf of more than 14,300 physicians – often referred to as medical specialists – and 6,500 trainees, across Australia and New Zealand. It represents more than 32 medical specialties including paediatrics and child health, cardiology, respiratory medicine, neurology, oncology and public health medicine, occupational and environmental medicine, palliative medicine, sexual health medicine, rehabilitation medicine, geriatric medicine and addiction medicine. Beyond the drive for medical excellence the RACP is committed to developing health and social policies which bring vital improvements to the wellbeing of patients.

The RACP represents physicians by advocating on their behalf to governments, health organisations, medical colleges, consumer groups and to the general public. The RACP believes it has a duty to better the health of all Australians and New Zealanders through the development of health and social policy and advocating for its implementation. Refer to Policy and Advocacy for more information.

For more information on the RACP, visit www.racp.edu.au