RACP Introduction to Telehealth Continuing Professional Development (CPD) module


CLICK HERE to access the RACP Introduction to Telehealth CPD module

The Physicians Telehealth Support Project (the Project) in partnership with the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) has launched an online telehealth continuing professional development (CPD) module for physicians.

The physician specific telehealth CPD module is a key resource of the Project and is designed to equip physicians with the relevant skills and theoretical knowledge to support them in becoming ‘telehealth ready’.

The module is interactive and features written case studies, video tutorials and pop quizzes to enhance the participant’s understanding of the learning framework.

On completion of the module, physicians should be able to:

  • Identify the main clinical, technical and contextual aspects of telehealth relevant to their practice;
  • Make an initial assessment about the best way to introduce or expand telehealth services in their practice;
  • Evaluate their use of telehealth and implement improvements to their telehealth practice;
  • Conduct a safe and effective telehealth consultation.


Accessing the module and registering on the ACCRM provider directory

The telehealth CPD module can be accessed via the ACRRM Rural and Remote Medical Education Online (RRMEO) website. Participants are required to register themselves on the ACRRM eHealth site prior to commencing the training module.

At the completion of the module, participants can register themselves on the ACRRM provider directory as a ‘specialist end’ telehealth provider. Once registered, physicians will also have access to ACRRM eHealth discussion forums, technology directories and telehealth resources.

RACP MyCPD Program

Fellows of the College participating in the telehealth CPD module can claim points for their MyCPD program. Points can be claimed under Category 4, Structured Learning Projects at a rate of 3 points per hour. If Fellows choose to review their use of telehealth and survey their patients, they can claim additional hours under Category 5, Practice Review and Appraisal at a rate of 3 points per hour.

For further information on the RACP MyCPD program visit the CPD page.