Telehealth Provider Directory

The Telehealth Provider Directory, developed by the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM), is a publically available online directory of specialist and general practice telehealth providers across Australia. The directory aims to make it easier for clinicians to locate other telehealth-enabled clinicians or visiting specialists who may be outside of normal referring networks. There are approximately 1200 telehealth providers listed on the directory.

Register and get access

  • Registering for the ACRRM Telehealth Provider Directory allows you to list telehealth-ready clinicians or organisations and gives you access to advanced search filter options
  • The free registration gives you access to educational telehealth modules created by ACRRM, the RACP and the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO)
  • The educational modules are designed to provide physicians with the knowledge to successfully implement telehealth into clinical practice
  • The hours spent completing the RACP Telehealth module can be claimed as a continuing professional development activity through the RACP myCPD program


Get Connected

  • The Telehealth Provider Directory can help you connect with new patients, with general practice providers for supported consultations and with specialist-end providers for further professional development and support
  • The directory not only includes telehealth-enabled clinicians but also highlights visiting specialists and the locations they visit
  • Whether you are still thinking about telehealth or you already provide telehealth services, the provider directory is a great way to get your name out there to join Australia’s network of telehealth professionals


Give or get a hand starting out

  • If you are still considering telehealth services for your practice or would like some guidance on how to get started, the telehealth provider directory can now be used to find a telehealth mentor in your preferred location and specialty.
  • A telehealth mentor is a clinician who is making themselves available to support others with the implementation and use of telehealth in their practice.




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